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We carry out the construction of various buildings, from smaller projects in shopping and entertainment centers to commercial and office buildings. For our part, we guarantee timely completion and quality of work.

Interior finishing

Our company also offers high-quality interior finishing, ie wall construction, painting, plasterboard installation, insulation, plastering, wallpapering, etc. interior work related to repair or construction. Everyone wants correctly installed walls and tiled surfaces, so the interior finish also plays an important role in creating an aesthetic appearance.

Floor and tiling works

Tiling requires careful approach and precision. The most important part is the preparation of the surface - to prevent moisture damage, waterproofing must be installed under the tiles. Proper surface preparation will ensure that your desired vision looks good and lasts a long time.


Construction and renovation will also involve plumbing. Our services also include pipe installation, repair and replacement. Functional piping is important to ensure the living conditions. If you would like more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

Electrical work

Construction and repair work is almost always accompanied by electrical work, for which it is particularly important to ensure safety and quality.

In construction, no project is too big or small for us.

Latukrest OÜ deals with everything related to construction. General construction is a large and broad concept that includes:

  • Roof construction
  • Facade works
  • Electrical works
  • Concrete works
  • Interior finishing work
  • Floor work
  • Renovation
  • Tiling works
  • Pipe works

Our company offers all kinds of construction work, from plumbing, electrical work and foundations to prefab solutions.

It may seem that it is much cheaper to do it yourself, but often you lack the necessary tools, other equipment, machines, etc., which incur costs that were not taken into account. We have the appropriate materials and with the team we guarantee customer satisfaction, effectively achieving the best result.

In addition to construction services, Latukrest OÜ also offers:

  • Transport of bulk materials by 16-ton hook lift by car.
  • Construction debris 12 m³, 17 m³ and 30 m³, container rental and landfilling.
  • We offer service with wheeled tractor CLAAS AXION 840 (Snow removal works)


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